“It all started on Instagram… it’s where I started stalking Jessica Zweig and fell in absolute awe of this accomplished Lady Boss from the Midwest USA.” Amanda Williams.

Jessia Zweig

Jessica Zweig, The Founder of SimplyBe Agency, a personal branding company. @jessicazweig

We highly recommend you watch the Youtube chat between our founder Amanda Williams and Jessica below to get the most value out of the time spent with the INC.’s Top Digital Marketer to Watch.

If you’re time-poor and can’t invest the next 27 minutes into learning from one of the most sought-after brand masters on the planet – then check out the quick key takeaway’s’ below.


Key Points for the Time-Poor

Jessica went from nobody knowing about her magazine (Cheeky) in Chicago to around 100,000 readers at its peak.

As the founder of Chicago’s largest digital magazine for women, Jessica was working with major brands including Nike, Bloomingdales, and Heineken. It was at this point that she became obsessed with storytelling, to her, that’s what branding is all about!

We will call this quick recap “What Jessica Says…”

On the power of personal branding

“I realised that when you build equity in your name you are synonymous with a story or expertise, this is your ultimate business card.”

“It opens doors for you without actually having to speak.”

On discovering her own personal brand

“If I preach anything, its authenticity, like don’t be anyone else but you. In order to have a really strong personal brand you need to know who you are, you have to have a really strong sense of self.”

On helping clients discover theirs

“I guide my clients through a process to identify three to four pillars which are the things that really concretely make up their lives, the things they truly care about and the things they truly know.”

“I take those pillars and I micro them out into content, I mean to be honest what you share online makes you a complete person.”

On whether personal branding is an act of vanity

“People say gosh that’s such an act of vanity, I don’t really want to put myself out there. I am uncomfortable doing that – or that’s an ego thing.”

“First of all, that’s just fear of your own greatness.”

“People come to the internet to help themselves, why wouldn’t you be a thought leader?”

On backing yourself and valuing your gifts

“You have something by virtue of your own life experience that no one else has. No one else has what you have, no one else knows what you know.”

“If you’re going to build a personal brand, you have to do it in the generosity economy, you have to believe that the more you give, the more you will receive.”

“In 2018, everyone is a media channel if they want to be – when you put yourself out there as a personal brand you have the opportunity to bring back some humanity and connection.”

On what you should be sharing online

“If ( your social media content) is not appropriate for your boss to see, it is probably not appropriate for anyone to see.”

“Being really intentional with how you’re showing up, no matter who is reading it because it all matters and the internet is written in ink.”

On what it was like to work with Bethenny Frankel and the brand Skinny Girl Cocktails


“It was my first entre into consulting in social media.”

“It was an amazing experience, and I actually did get to meet Bethany. She was awesome, I mean I was the social media manager for the brand for a year, so Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, I managed, and I also wrote blogs for all the Skinny Girl Cocktails website. I got to travel with her to a couple different cities to do her launches for her new products in the portfolio, so I got to go to Aspen with her, I got to go to LA with her. You know, I was there on her team, you know her agency team, I was on my phone the whole time capturing behind the scenes on social media for her, she was very professional, she was very sweet, but I didn’t really get to talk to her.”

On tips for entrepreneurs in their first year of business

“Team is everything. You cant do it all yourself, you have to outsource, you have to learn to delegate.”

“I always say that you can teach someone how to do anything. I can teach you how to use Hoote Suite, I can teach you how to send out an email on Mail Chimp, I can teach you how to run an event, but I cannot teach you ambition, I can’t give that fire to you, you either have that or you don’t.”

“Read the book Traction, it’s seriously the best book I have ever read as an entrepreneur, I check it all the time.”

Traction by Gino Wickman

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