Launching Y Queue

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Through a partnership with our friends at BRANDiT we successfully launched the Gold Coasts latest food and beverage app, YQueue. 

Following on from success in Singapore, YQueue chose the Gold Coast as the destination for their Australian expansion.

The client brief was to secure as much local Gold Coast news coverage as possible through media relations and influencer outreach.

A local PR campaign was designed with key messages pointing to the struggles of cafes and restaurant owners up against the unfair commissions of delivery apps Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

By positioning YQueue as a positive alternative to delivery apps, YQueue came off as the champion for struggling food and beverage businesses.

We waited for the perfect moment to tie our pitch in with a similar national news story on the Today Show. We then pitched a local version of this story to our local news outlets and they ran with it!

With a number of happy merchants willing to speak to the media about their experience with YQueue, we set up two media call-outs each resulting in local TV coverage and almost a full page spread in the Gold Coast Bulletin.

Additional media opportunities have been secured (coming soon) and local food bloggers have also confirmed they will review the app in the very near future. 

We only work with a limited number of brands to ensure they get the attention they deserve.