Five Tips for Building a Reputation and Standing Out

by | Sep 30, 2018

Amanda Williams shares her tips for PR success at the Making Headlines Workshop.

In the lead up to the 2013 Federal election, I was introduced to an icebreaker called the ‘assumption game’ at a political campaign training session at Parliament House.

To this day I continue to put it to good use (we’ve had four Prime Ministers since then!)

In a former life, I spent six years as a political media advisor before moving on to start my own communications agency Yellowpanda. These days I keep busy between serving my clients, starting a swimwear company and facilitating workshops and training for start-ups and SMEs.

I start every workshop and training session with the assumption game.

What is the assumption game?

I ask the people in the room to sit next to a complete stranger and write down the answers to the following questions:

  1. What car do they drive?
  2. Did they go to University?
  3. Where were they born?
  4. Are they single or in a relationship?
  5. What’s their favourite food?

When everyone starts to share their answers, we find out the room is full of mind readers… well not exactly.

You see, the whole time they thought they were playing a guessing game. They were trying their hardest to get maybe one or two things right about the stranger next to them.

The thing is, despite the odd fluke, most people have no idea who the person is sitting next to them.

I use this to highlight the importance of telling your story – it prevents people from just making it up!

What does this have to do with PR?

Public Relations is the professional maintenance of your brand’s positive public image. A strategic PR campaign can, (and often does), support the entire guest journey from a pre-prospect through to a happy and loyal brand advocate.

The tools of the marketing and PR trade have changed. The lines have now blurred. Success comes from thinking like a journalist and publishing amazing content that brands you as an organisation or person you would want to do business with.

A well-placed editorial piece, a targeted blog post, a special event or a social media campaign can all help generate a ‘need’ for what your brand offers; it also has an important role to play in the discovery phase of a customer who has started doing their own research and due diligence.

My top 5 Tips

1 – Identify your “key messages” and use these messages consistently – it doesn’t matter if you feel like a broken record repeating yourself, chances are your audience is hearing them for the first time.

2 – Create your own content for self-publishing as well as pitch newsworthy story ideas to targeted media contacts – It’s 2018, you are the CEO of your own media company, gone are the days when you only had a newspaper to get in front of people!

3 – Come up with unique publicity stunts and events to build awareness about who you are and what you do – at the same time this gives you the opportunity to build your own community.

4 – Commit to a monthly editorial plan and stick to a consistent post schedule to build trust with your audience.

5 – Be yourself, it’s your biggest asset – if you feel like you’re lacking confidence, just remember the one thing that you know that no one else knows is between your own ears, you have something special to share with the world so don’t hold back!

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