If you’re a brand or PR on the lookout for the next big thing in social media, you might have just found it.

Meet Holonis. Having already been described as “just about every other social media platform rolled into one”, it’s on the verge of turning everything we already know about social media upside down.

Its creators have described it as a social commerce platform – that is, the integration of social media and e-commerce, grounded by the belief that “anybody can be an entrepreneur”.

Essentially, Holonis promises to help its users to “be found” by hosting their entire online brand in the one place, whilst at the same time embodying core functionalities designed to help them make money from the very outset.

So why should you jump on board? Most simply, because Holonis takes the legwork out of your social media strategy by stripping it down to a single site.

Although its founders have insisted that Holonis wasn’t made to replace any of the existing social media platforms, and that it should instead be thought of as “a hub to keep all your social media linked together and organised” by linking your other pages to your profile on the site, many of the Holonis’s core features in themselves could very possibly eliminate the need for sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr altogether.

Some of the core features of Holonis include:

  • Post, share, and discover content, including blogs, photos, memes, videos, gifs, playlists, and quotes
  • Network with friends and professional connections old and new, with full direct messaging functions
  • Built-in SEO functions, so that every time you post, your content is automatically indexed and optimised on key search engines – for absolutely free
  • Monetise all original posted content, allowing you to earn while you post
  • Be your own boss by setting up your own online store
  • Link your existing social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to your main page, creating one seamless connection to ensure that you are found across all platforms, effortlessly boosting your other pages’ followings

With more than 50k current active users, there has never been a better time for you get ahead of the curve by jumping on board and taking full advantage of all the great things that Holonis has to offer.

With so many ways for you to build your brand, monetise your platform, and truly stand out from the rest, we think it’s safe to say that Holonis really does look like social media’s next big thing! If you join up, make sure you follow our founder, Amanda Panda Williams.