Are you wanting to use Instagram IGTV to market and grow your business? Do you want to stay ahead with the trends but have no idea what to post? Here are 6 easy Instagram Story ideas to stand out from the crowd!

IGTV explained in a nutshell:

IGTV is Instagram’s video hub that allows you to create longer form video content, allowing endless possibilities to creatively engage with your followers – all in vertical format.

6 IGTV ideas to take your Instagram to the next level

1 – Facts and Q&A’s

Personalised Instagram accounts are the most effective way to grow a loyal and large following. Ask your followers to send in questions they would like you to answer or film a short introduction on who you are and what you have to offer.

2 – Tutorials and How To’s

Sharing advice and tutorials is another effective way to engage your audience that is effective particularly if you want to go in depth to showcase your products and services.

3 – Regular content

Consistency is key! Filming regularly (once a week) creates a routine and expectation with your audience. It not only shows your commitment to your brand and business but also is a huge benefit to your Instagram algorithm.

4 – Exclusive content

A great way to market your brand and connect with your audience is to offer exclusive, IGTV only content. It can be a discount or promo code that makes your audience feel special for gaining access to something that nobody else is getting.

5 – Behind the scenes

Show the nitty-gritty and the blood, sweat and tears that go on behind the scenes of your work. People love being involved in the process and it adds a personal element that connects with your audience.

6 – Customer testimonial

Let a happy customer take control of your Instagram stories for a day and let your followers know how much they need your product or services. This will develop trust with your customers and will boost your engagement, as more people will want to get involved.

Ready to create your Instagram story ideas and take your business to the next level? Share your top tips and what worked for you in the comments section below!